Danielle Moschella


Top Million Dollar Agent is a reality television show that showcases the best in luxury real estate around the world.

Season 4 Trailers

From first time home buyers to experienced investors, TMDA has something for everyone, affording a peek into the sumptuous world of international luxury home ownership.

After touring three multi-million dollar properties, the couple has to choose which home is the perfect fit. Luckily, they have the help of not only the all-star agents but also of featured special guests that include mortgage brokers, lawyers, builders and consultants.

Each episode features a couple looking to invest in a knockout property, aided by a cast of top Toronto real estate agents.

Season 3 & 4 Episode Trailers

Homebuyer: Diogo


Diogo is a dedicated musician working on his new album. He has been debating between moving to Miami or staying in Canada. Toronto is closer to his family and where he feels at home with his music. Danielle will show him some spectacular properties in both cities and see what he decides.

Homebuyers: Ashley & Ali

Ashley and Ali are ready to take their relationship and living situation to the next level. The young entrepreneurs are prepared to move into a house, but the one thing they can’t agree on is where to live. Ashley wants an estate home outside the city that has an outdoor pool and beautifully manicured gardens. Ali, on the other hand, insists on being close to his downtown office and walking distance from restaurants and shops. Danielle knows she can deliver some stunning properties, but someone may have to compromise.
Homebuyers: George and Mada


George is a retired basketball player, and Mada is an international model. For a man over 7 feet tall, finding the perfect house might be a challenge. Danielle knows high ceilings come in all shapes and sizes, can she find a style they’ll like? They also want a pool and a home theatre.

Homebuyers: Joseph and Nadia


Danielle is helping quite a pair, Joseph is a chiropractor and Nadia is an aerospace engineer. They’re looking for a home to start a family. Not only that, they want space to host their extended family. Will it be as difficult as rocket science?